Criminal History Records

Criminal Record History reports are compiled from information obtained through onsite searches and a network of courthouse researchers. All felony and misdemeanor convictions are searched.

Credit History

Verification of name, address, and SSN are provided.
Provides the applicants financial history including bankruptcies, liens, judgements, collections, and charge offs.

Motor Vehicle Report

Provides information on license status, license class, violations, expiration date, and date of birth. May provide vehicle-related criminal convictions and/or DUI and DWI convictions that may not be found elsewhere.

Federal Criminal Records

Federal Criminal records are not found during county and state searches. These records are found only by searching the 94 Federal Judicial Districts in the US. This search includes embezzlement, robbery, immigration, firearm charges, interstate drug trafficking, interstate kidnapping,, and tax evasion.

Nationwide Wants and Warrants

Verification that applicant is not wanted for arrest, or has any arrests warrants pending in other states.

Social Security Verifications

Provides that date and state in which the social security number was issued.

Social Security Validations

Provides all registered addresses associated with the SSN over the past 30 years.

Continual Monitoring of Employee Criminal Activity & Traffic Violations

Employees name are searched daily against a database supplied by the North Carolina County Clerks. If a match is found, an email notification is sent to the employer or entity requesting the monitoring.


Verify employment information provided by the applicant by confirming the dates of employment and the position held. Verification is obtained directly from the previous employer’s Human Resources Department. Verification of additional information is available upon request.


Verify education credentials provided by the applicant by confirming the education institution, dates of attendance, and degree completed, or diploma or GED received. Verification of additional information is available upon request.


Verification of

Professional References

Professional references provided by the applicant will be contacted